Healer, Life Skills Coach, and Spiritual Master

Bina Shriram has a unique healing technique that gives instant and lasting results.

bina shriram

Find help to solve your life’s problems with Bina

She helps people understand that life is to live as it comes. We need to orient ourselves according to the situation. Bina helps develop the appropriate approach and the strength to live life.

"No effort ever fails. Nothing goes in vain. It all counts. Someday, when enough is done, it will all add up to success"

How Bina Shriram Helps


She guides with her mastery of simple but profound fundamentals of life. She gives a rational explanation of why life is the way it is.

Have healthy and happier relationships and life

Heal anger, guilt and other hurtful emotions

Develop positive attitude
and behavior

To understand
life's pattern


Happy Clients

Gratitude is a powerful tool to heal ourselves emotionally.
Bina helps us heal ourselves and become a better person overall.

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Abhinav Bindra

Shooter, Olympic Gold medalist 2008
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Pallavi Sharma

Mother and
Interior designer
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Vinay Kumar

Civil Servant
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Prerita Chauthaiwale

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Rohit Vaidya


Spiritual Guru, Life Skills Coach and Healer

She gives an insight into karma, sin, divine grace, balance and imbalance of energies and laws of human existence. Her technique combines skills of a healer and perspective of a spiritual master. She bestows to people a holistic approach to deal with their lives.

All For a Reason

‘All for a reason’ is Jai’s quest to search the truth of life. Jai goes through the universal tussle between mind and soul. His story is our own. The story illustrates how we are what we are for we choose to be so ‘all for a reason’.
‘We get what we get and not what we passionately desire..’ The book busts some popular myths we cherish.

It is also a roadmap to understand subtle Karmic laws, consequent life situations and eventual spiritual growth.

Our Clients Say


She helps understand the meaning of life and spirituality. Bina does not recommend any rituals or meditation.

I have worked with Bina for over two years. I met her at a time when I was ready to heal but needed spiritual guidance. My illness was a product of a fear of flowing with my inner self. I would raise the issues that I felt needed work, and she was like a light shining from the candle I held, as I searched for my own answers. She lit the steps, but I had to walk them. She has always been full of love and acceptance, always available when I needed her, and giving me space to grow at my own pace.

Sarah International Development Professional

Bina aunty has been my guide and healer for 5 years very formative years so far. She is a sounding board for me during moments of crisis and growth, and helps me be more aware of patterns and tendencies that show up in my life in different ways. Even in very complicated situations, she reminds me of the more fundamental truths — which always helps me to move forward with clarity and intention. Her perceptiveness and understanding are gifts of course, but more than anything else I respect that she responds to people and problems from a place of information that no one else has.

Reva, USA Research Scholar

Bina is beautiful inside out. Apart from being a wonderful human being, Bina is a gifted person with the ability to heal naturally ...made only better by adding skill sets and continuous prayer. She helped me through a difficult phase of life and I implore all those in need to reach out to her. Thanks Bina.

Ramona, Delhi

Through the personal storms, battling self doubt, irritation and anger ,l met her There was no looking back. I was miraculously healed with just one session. I realized there is nothing more powerful in this world than knowing the divine. I see divine in her. And l cannot emphasize that l am incredibly grateful and truly thankful for her presence in my life. My attitude of gratitude for everything l have received. Thank you

Priti G. Denmark Tarot Card Reader

In ........ all of a sudden I started having urine retention problem while driving even for very short distances. I consulted many doctors one after the other. All of them had to say that it was urine infection. Despite the heavy doses of antibiotics there was no improvement. I just did not want to travel by any vehicle. Around two years later the problem was still there. At this juncture I met Bina and she suggested hypnotherapy. Just in two sessions my problem was over. I discovered that there was no physical problem but it was all due to the anxiety that had stayed with me after a car accident. Now I have no problem traveling long distances by car.

SRR, Nepal

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