About Bina Shriram

Bina Shriram is a Healer, Life skills Coach and Spiritual Master.

She helps people navigate through the complexities of life. She does this by helping them understand the basic and profound fundamentals of the Universe in a simple way. She has immense knowledge of the laws of karma.

Her aim is to educate people of the consequences of the choices they make and how their choices will affect their lives to come. She is unlike anyone you’ve met or known.

Her constant connection with the Universe gives her an insight into karma, sin, divine grace, balance and imbalance of energies and laws of human existence. Her unique understanding of the laws of the Universe distinguishes her from the rest.

Her technique combines skills of a healer and perspective of a spiritual master. She bestows to people a holistic approach to deal with their lives.

Practical, witty, and with a refreshing outlook, she firmly believes that the onus of our lives is on us and not on some unseen forces.

The World Will be Happier


If people learn about the consequences of their choices and how these choices will affect their lives to come.
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How she works

She combines the skills of healing, coaching and guiding using the fundamentals of spirituality and laws of universe to heal a person according to his/her needs.


Bina has a unique healing technique of her own. The healing has quick results and the effects of healing last.

Life Skills Coach

Using her wisdom and sharp sense of observation Bina helps change the perception of a situation and guides us to live life in a better, more fulfilling and blissful way.

Spiritual Master

Bina is intuitive and understands that which is not explicit. She uses her knowledge of karma to guide people through difficult situations. They emerge out of it wiser and stronger.

Heal Yourself in a Few Sessions
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Bina, uses unique techniques to help resolve an issue in about two sessions. Connect with her today for more details.