Being Spiritual

In our society people define and understand being spiritual in different ways. Each person is at a different point on the path of spirituality and has a different connection with the Source/Universe/God – whichever way they perceive the higher power. For this very reason, the meaning of spirituality is different for everyone. For someone it can be offering to God, fasting. To another it can be being kind to others. For some, it can be giving in the best in all that they do. It can also mean living life to its best making all the right choices.

Spirituality term is derived from the root word ‘spirit’ meaning soul. Spirituality is walking on the path laid down by the soul as well as guided by the soul. It does not necessarily mean that this journey will bring joy and abundance. It will however take you on the path wherein you will do what is required to reach the ultimate goal of all lives.

A simple question in our mind can be as to why and how we drift apart from our inner being – Our life is about the choices we make. The more bad choices we make and create bad karma, the farther we move away from our inner being. We accumulate a huge baggage of bad karma. This is not being spiritual.

Spirituality doesn’t come to us as and when we want. Spirituality is not the work of the mind but that of the soul. It is the culmination of a natural process. We make bad choices move away from our soul. At some point in the journey through lives the soul decides to come back to the original point from where it began.

Spirituality is coming back into the realm of the Soul.

It is like the shepherd lets the cattle lose in the pastures to graze. In the evening he calls them back to go home. Howsoever astray the cattle might run away it will come back. They have to. Sometimes when they get lost the shepherd boy goes looking. That is how we are. Our soul is our shepherd. Everyone has to go back home to where the journey started.

Spirituality is not the domain of people who have the means and time to meditate, attend workshop on healing and self growth, go on pilgrimages, read books on mind, soul and body. Anything for which you suffer, make an effort, go beyond your means is suffering and that makes you spiritual. For this reason, anyone can be spiritual and not just the privileged lot of the society.

Spirituality is about suffering. The more one suffers which means the more one pays back for the wrong choices made and reduces the karmic baggage, the closer one gets to the inner being.

As we continue walking further on the path of payback we get supported by the Universe, this is Grace.

Spirituality is a way of being which brings us closer to our inner being.

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